CFSA would be happy to design a custom course to meet your individual needs.
Please give us a call to discuss your experience and goals and we'll put together a
proposal. We've listed a few of the options that are available below:

Still don't feel confident in docking? We have the course for you. Our practical
hands-on instruction will show you safety requirements, maneuvering in and out of
marina slips and along docks and much more. This session is a 4 hour course with a
maximum of four students enrolled. Check the class schedule for dates or we can
accommodate your date depending on availability.

Course Fee $475 per Person


Private Instruction is available in all facets of sailing either on your own boat or on one
of ours. This includes refresher courses as well as confidence-building practice in
docking or close quarters maneuvering. .

Private Instruction Is 325 for 2 hours & 425 for 3 hour and $525 for 4 hours These
prices do not include certification  Give us a call and together we can build a program
to meet your needs and objectives.
ASA's  Outstanding School of the Year
Docking Course
Private Instruction