CSFA strives to keep your sailing dream alive.  We try to do so at an affordable price. With
our sailing club you have access to our Catlaina Capri 22 or Colgate 26. We have 2 of each.
The nice part about our club is we will only have a max of 15 members so with 4 boats there is
plenty of time to Sail.  The main benefit of the club is you don't have to do the maintenance.  
Just come sail bring her back.   We have the rest.

Capri 22
    Known for its sweet sailing performance in nearly all conditions, the Catalina Capri 22 has
been winning sailors since it’s introduction. The Capri 22 is  comfortable, safer at sea and
easier to maintain than any boat in it’s class. The striking deck profile is flared across the
stern and has wider cockpit curves for crew comfort during and after sailing.  The Capri 22 is
suitable for extended daysailing or weekending.The Capri is a fantastic boat, she comes
complete with all safety gear, new sails along with a new 4hp 4-stroke engine, ST-40 depth
finder, compass and room for up to 4 people to stay aboard.
Membership: $375.00 12 months
Joining fee:   $400.00
Colgate 26
    If you are interested in a larger boat come take a look at our Colgate 26.  In 1997 the Colgate 26 was
awarded the Cruising World Boat of the Year. The Colgate 26 is The Family Sport Boat®. A winning
combination of performance racing and family fun, this incredibly versatile keel boat that challenges
hard-core racers, yet is a pleasure to sail for beginners.

The Colgate 26 sailboat is a sailboat conceived and designed with the future of sailing in mind. This
boat fulfills the demand for recreational boating and sailing instruction alike. A blue water pocket cruiser
with excellent sailing performance, the Colgate 26 sailboat is “a boat for all reasons” that combines
outstanding safety features, comfort and durability.  She comes with ST-40 depth, built-in VHF radio,
6hp engine and all required safety gear
CSFA Sailing Club