CSFA offers 2 Youth Sailing Courses

Is offered on Vanguard Opti's.  The class is a comprehensive
course  broken down into a 3 hour session, Monday through
Friday 9am – 12pm  for ages 8 to 11  and in the afternoon
from 1pm to 4pm for ages 12 to 16.  This course introduces
children to the fun of sailing through the use of Vanguard
Optimist Dinghies. They will learn righting a capsized boat,
points of sail, rigging, docking, learn to sail figure 8’s,  tying
knots and much more. To begin, there is on shore
instruction and a swim test.  Then training on the water for
the remainder of the week.  From this the children learn a
whole new vocabulary and understand new concepts.  Most
importantly, they come away with a feeling of independence
from sailing their own dinghies which helps teach them
responsibility and the importance of team work.  CSFA
works hard to give each child the attention they need by
only having 4 students at a time with an unprecedented 2 to
1 student to instructor ratio.  Our kids sail, learn and most of
all have a lot of fun!!

Cost $475 per child
Max 4 Students per class
Call for Availability

Prerequisite to this class is the beginner course or
something similar.  The course is offered on a Colgate 26.  
This boat is used by the US Naval Academy and the Coast
Guard Academy.  They use the best and so do we.  This
course works on the fundamentals of sailing a bigger boat.  
Practicing tacking and jibing, heaving too, man overboard
drill, rules of the road, knot tying, and sailing as a team.   
Team work is so important and working together is the goal
of this class.  The course is offered in the afternoon at 1 pm
to 5 pm.

Cost $575 per child
We have a max of 5 Students per class  
Call for Availability

Youth Sailing Program
North Carolina's Elite Youth Sailing Program
The Beginner Course:

June 6th Week  to  August 8th Week
The Advanced Course:

June 6th Week  to  August 8th Week
ASA's Outstanding School of the Year